Supplier of popular Scandinavian products

Swimpex was formed in 2011 importing both Swedish and Scandinavian food products into Thailand. Since then we have gone from strength to strength and in 2015 due to increased customer demand we expanded the company to include UK products as well as many imported cheeses. Our staff is always searching the markets for new products through either customer interaction or by internet market research, so our product list should be continually growing with the company.

Over the years we have built relationships with many of the major retail outlets such as Big C, Makro, Villamarket & Friendship, along with supplying many smaller independent retailers throughout the Kingdom with our products. All the products we sell have achieved global safety standards in their country of origin and then gone through further inspection before being approved entry into Thailand by the FDA. Delivery is available nationwide either through our own transport fleet or with Kerry Logistics, depending on the distance, the size and the urgency of the order.